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In the new phase rural development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) is in the process of changing its development strategy focusing on several key directions, from supply-driven to demand-driven approach, from mass production to quality improvement, from pro-growth to sustainable growth. This increasingly challenging environment requires substantial changes in institutional factors. The leadership also has to make decisions basing on reliable and timely information and in-depth analysis.
To meet these requirements, the Government issued Decision 9WQD-TTg on 09/09/2006 to establish Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development.
In the new context of development, IPSARD is doing best to improve quality of research and information activities. We believes that together with the support and co-operation from leaders, agencies and individual domestically and abroad as well as the international organizations, IPSARD will become a think-tank for MARD, providing the analysis and results supporting strategy and policy formulation process in agriculture and rural development.
Vietnam experienced economic downturn together with high inflation, credit frozen, trade deficit losses of a great number of businesses in 2011. In this context, agriculture saved the whole economy, given its remarkable gr...
•  Muong ethnic people earn more from organic vegetables (08/11/2011)
•  Organic vegetables raise farmers’ profits (02/11/2011)
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