Assessment of water, Fertilizer and Pesticide use for Coffee production in Daklak province


This study analyses the status of using resource for coffee production in Daklak. The study points out the affects of using that resource to environment and economy of interviewed households.

The study expects some specific objectives are following:

- Assess and explain the resources use in coffee production in Cu M’gar and Krong Ana district of Daklak province.

- Compare these inputs use to local standards which are given by research institutes and extention centre.

- Assess effects of water, fertilizer and pesticides use on environment and economy.

- Propose recommendations to farmer and extention system.   

Structure of report includes 4 parts. The first part “General introduction” introduces the history of Vietnam’s Robusta development, refers to previous studies in this field and points out the imperative requirement to carry out this study. This part also mentions the general and special objectives of study and focuses on the research methodology.

The second part presents survey results i.e the use of 3 main resources (water, fertilizer and pesticides) for coffee production in the survey areas. The third part analyses the effects of this resource use on environment and farmers’ household economy.

In the last part, the report proposes some recommendations on optimal resource use for: farmer and an improved extention system.

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